Do not Underestimate Your Shingles Roof

Roof shingles are just one of the many roofing materials and styles available for choosing. They are roof coverings that are laid in an overlapping manner and are often referred to as tile strips. Materials vary (wood, metal, plastic, slate, etc.), depending on how much the owner is willing to spend and/or the shapes they prefer. Commonly, shingles are flat and rectangular, and other shapes may exist although not very usual. Roofers Greenville SC understands that proper installation is also necessary when you want to have a sturdy-structured shingle type of roofing.   


Most homeowners choose shingle roof as it offers a lot of color and style options compared to flat and concrete roofs.   

Life Span  

Certainly, other types of materials and designs such as flat roofs can be stronger than shingles, and it entails that they are more likely to last longer than the shingle roof. While this may be true in some aspects, shingles can be made stronger. Three-tab to four-tab shingles is sturdier than the traditional one to two-tab. Moreover, technology makes it possible for the shingles to be stronger than the old ones. If you want your shingled roof to last long, ensure that it is properly installed and that you have regular inspection and maintenance.   


There are different types of shingles you can choose from and their prices vary. Bitumen shingles are more affordable compared to other types of shingles like concrete and slate, although they may not be as strong as the concrete and slate types of shingles. When you want to find a stronger structure at a limited budget, try talking to your contractor or company and see the available options you have.  


Asphalt shingles are a very durable option you have. It can withstand different weather conditions with an SSA fire rating. Again, it is important to reiterate that roof durability and life stan also depend on the installation process and frequency of maintenance. Different kinds of shingles have different qualities and characterizations. It is important that you know what kind of material suits your liking.  

Installation and Maintenance  

Installing shingles is easy as well as replacing some in case of damage. The important thing is that instructions are properly followed from the manual. Although it is relatively easy, it is not recommended that homeowners are the ones to install or replace a shingle or more. When replacing roof materials, it is important that you let the professional do the work. Roof installation and maintenance are dangerous regardless of the materials they are made of as they are located meters away from the ground, the potential for accidents.   

Hire a professional company   

Regardless of the kind of materials you use, it is important that your roof is installed by a professional. Despite quality materials, a roof that is not properly installed will eventually develop issues, degrading its structure. Additionally, when doing repair, hire a contractor that has the qualifications to ensure that all issues are correctly diagnosed and repaired.   

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